The Worst Day of My Life…

In life, the biggest fear I have (aside from that whole ‘being afraid of toads’ thing I got over in 2009) Is that one day I would end up being a victim on Just For Laughs Gags.

I always loathed this show. Yet whenever I came across an episode while channel surfing, I would usually watch it anyway. Not so much for the gags themselves, but mostly for the cute Quebecois girls it sometimes featured. I like to think that I’m smart, and after watching JFL Gags for years, I felt that I should know what the red flags are if I’m about the be screwed by a show like this.

But guess what? I’m an idiot. So, at 1:35, watch me get punked by the fiancée of the singer from The Holly Springs Disaster.

I was having a terrible day, I had just completely blown a meeting with a potential client for some camera work. That, and it was starting to snow, and I wasn’t wearing the proper footwear. Clearly, my game was thrown off.

But, It’s good to know there’s a ton of dudes out there that will scratch an attractive woman’s back, AND smell the blood…


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